Becca Mix’s Top Tips For Surviving A Deep Freeze With No Heating

Back in the now-halcyon days of 2020, Texas experienced one of the worst ice storms of its history, which overstressed its already straining power grid and caused state-wide blackouts. With an entire state trapped in The Day After Tomorrow (am I the only one who remembers that film?) thousands of Americans helped in any way they could – and one of the best that I saw was a Twitter thread of cold-weather survival techniques from a Michigan writer named Becca Mix. She’s a writer who’s lived through many power outages in negative temperatures, and here’s her lived experience of survival in those conditions.

Times are hard now, and they’re only getting harder. Infrastructure is getting more worn-down by the day, the climate is changing, and we’re all getting functionally poorer. We’ll see conditions like those in the Texas freeze here in the UK – so make sure you know what to do when the day comes.

Here’s Becca Mix with the info that could save your life:

As well as being an absolute icon to those of us who hate freezing to death, Becca’s also an author with a book coming out, and I’m only a little bit fangirling about that, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, go read it!

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