One Ordinary Idiot Who Does not want to die yet


Dan was discovered in the Mourne Mountains in the early ’90’s and is still alive. He intends to keep it that way.

It might feel cheesy, but the “Blitz Spirit” (the real, historical one, rather than the modern patriotic idea of it) is exactly what we’re talking about here at Start Prepping UK. Communities helping one another at a time when movies would have you believe they’d all go feral instead.
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I’ve always felt like there was something not quite right about the me-first Bunker Mentality that rules many prepping and survival resources: the belief that you should sit on a mountain of canned food while your neighbours starve, because they deserve it for not preparing. Start Prepping wants to challenge the prevalence of that idea – the only way we normal people are going to get through this is together.

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