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This is all getting a bit worrying, isn’t it


Learn to prepare UK

Not sure where to start?

Read our guide to getting started with prepping in 2024. It’s got everything you need to take you from completely unprepared and clueless to resilient and ready for anything!

What Food To Stockpile UK

The Starting Stockpile Shopping LIst

Want to just head out to the shops and fill your cupboards? Go ahead, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s my shopping list to get you started!

Recommended Resources

A lot of what I’ve learned comes from these books, online channels, and teachers, and the ones that I’ve put to the test and proven to work are the ones that make it onto this list. Give them a read today!

Featured Video of the week

Featured Video of the week: How Long Would Society Last During A Total Grid Collapse?

Practical Engineering is a fascinating channel, and has just made a video exploring all the ways society would be impacted by a grid collapse – and how that collapse might be more plausible than we like to think.

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That said though, I do still need to be able to pay the site hosting bill, so if you think what I’m doing is valuable, chip in a few quid and I can keep doing it!

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Go to the winchester

(Bugging Out Section, to do with going to a safer location)

Have a nice cold pint

(Food Section (also includes cold, refreshing Guinnesses))

and wait for all this to blow over

(Shelter In Place Section, to do with riding out the disaster at home)

Start prepping Uk

Be ready for anything